Custom Filters

Custom Filters


In filtration and screening applications, RFC products provide:

·    Perfect fit with your machine requirements
·    Extremely durable construction to withstand application dynamics
·    Exceptional pore size consistency for predictable separations
·    Excellent tensile strength for maximum service life
·    High flow rates for maximum productivity
·    Designs to minimize installation time

RFC specializes in the fabrication of a wide range of filtration products using standard specifications or modified designs. Our custom engineering, technical sewing capability and extensive selection of materials can provide the solution to your filtration requirements.

RFC fabricates its filters only from precision woven nylon cloth. This highly specialized woven cloth is characterized by precisely controlled and defined material properties such as aperture, thickness, tensile strength, dimensional stability, and cleanliness.

Nylon exhibits excellent recovery properties and resistance to permanent deformation. Coefficient of friction is low and abrasion resistance is excellent, surpassing that of polyester. It is a tough, flexible and highly elastic fiber.